Curatorial Activities

In addition to painting and film, Ahmad Rafi‘s artistic work also
includes curatorial activities that offer national and international
artists a platform for socially relevant topics. Ahmad Rafi began his
curatorial activity with actions in public space in Aschaffenburg.
Later he organized exhibitions in Frankfurt.

1996: “Wenn der Wind weht, denke ich an Dich“
(“When the Wind blows, I think of you“), Karlsplatz Aschaffenburg, a collaboration with Jürgen Hafner in connection with the exhibition “Ins Licht Gerückt”, (“Moved into the Light“), Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg

1997: “Tausend Weiße Rosen“
(“Thousand White Roses“), an action with 6 artists in public space, Schlossplatz Aschaffenburg, in collaboration with Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg

2002, 2003 und 2005: “Taste of Place“, ”HautNah-Ost“ und ”UnOrt“
(“Near East”) and “Unort” (“Misplaced”), exhibitions with invited international artists from Israel and Palestine, among others, in Frankfurt/Main

2008: “1442666 steps between Dartington and Frankfurt“
double exhibition with 9 artists, in cooperation with Dartington College of Arts (UK), Dartington and Frankfurt/Main
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2010: “Kriegerische Idylle“

(“Warlike Idyll“), exhibition with the artist Karin Hoerler, Art Association, Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden

2014: Exhibition series “Faro”
A cooperation with the Frankfurt artist Vollrad Kutscher and the French musician Eric Plandé, Frankfurt/Main and Aschaffenburg

2019: “Artist / Don Quixote“
An interdisciplinary exhibition series involving 22 international artists, shown in three cities. The project was created as a European cooperation between the three countries Spain, Germany and Bulgaria.
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2022: “Of War and Idyll“
Azad Art Gallery, Teheran/Iran und Gallery Aknoon, Isfahan/Iran

2022: “Entglittene Sicht”
Bellevuesaal, Wiesbaden
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2022: “Im Fluss der Dinge“
(“In the flow of things“), installation in public space, Historisches Museum Frankfurt/Main