Fata Morgana

aab ~ water

Fata Morgana

Painting installation
Book installation, 12 parts 2019-2020
Oil on book covers, each 28 x 22 x 4 cm

The 12-part painting installation presents the river landscape of the Rhine in fog. The pictures, which make up a 12-part art history volume, are depicted on book covers and show the Rhine in a winter mood between Kehl and Strasbourg.

As the historical lifeline between France and Germany, the Rhine is a living witness between the two border towns of Kehl and Strasbourg. The pictures illustrate the landscape around the historical bridge “Passerelle des deux rives, Mimram,” which for decades was repeatedly destroyed by the armed conflict.

Presented in a realistic manner, the series of the Rhine landscape in fog bears the title Fata Morgana. The metaphorical representation of this series of paintings is an allusion to the fog of war, a time in which many people had to leave their living space and move to new homes.

The realization of this work is based on documentary photographs taken in December 2018 during my stay in Strasbourg.

Oil on Book covers, 27 x 22 x 4 cm in size.