Entglittene Sicht

second level, aab ~ water

Entglittene Sicht

Exhibition, installation at the Bellevue Hall in Wiesbaden

Studio window as a metaphor in the exhibition space.

Here, painted imaginary windows of the studio are juxtaposed with the real windows of the Bellevue Hall.

The artistically themed studio windows (portrait formatted panel paintings) enter into a dialogue with the actual windows of the Bellevue Hall. As the carrier of the painting, the canvas is a window to the world, leading us into the world of the studio.

Painted in oil, each of the 200 x 140 cm portrait format panel paintings reflect my studio. The realistic manner in which the pictures were painted depicts the studio windows covered with canvas fabric. The canvas, which serves as a curtain, is flooded with sunlight allowing the silhouettes of the studio furnishings and window frames to be seen within.